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I'm a seasoned technical program management leader and mentor with more than a decade of expertise across tech, media & entertainment, aerospace and defense.

From readying nuclear capable aircraft to evolving Google Search, my career has been anything but ordinary.

louie pascua

Bachelor of Science

Professional Aeronautics
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

SAFe Certified

Scaled Agile

Program management

10+ years as PgM, Scrum Master, TPM lead

Product management

Vision setting, market fit, POC, execution

Natural leadership

Strategic, empathetic, bias for action

Creative entrepreneurship

Web/logo designer, biz owner, musician


MentorCruise, ADPList, GrowthMentor

Ally.io Asana  Betterworks

OKR tracking

Agile  Waterfall  Kanban Lean

Project management methodologies

Jira  Confluence

Agile project management

Google Workspace Slack

Workflow productivity

Figma Sketch

UI/UX design

Adobe Creative Cloud

Graphic design + web development


Web development for designers

Logic Pro X  Pro Tools

Digital audio workstations

Mentorship advocate

Pro bono mentor / career coach

kiva.org lender

Microloans to alleviate poverty
Warner Music Group

Senior Technical Program Manager, Technology

December 2023 - Present

More to come . . .


Group Technical Program Manager / Team Lead

December 2021 - December 2023

Shipping FE/BE features, optimizing the PDLC to accelerate eng velocity, being a trusted thought partner to every function and cultivating my team of TPMs through mentorship is how I invested my time while at Dropbox. I've served as the interim product manager for the Search Indexing and Foundations teams while simultaneously bringing organization and technical expertise across a group comprised of 100+ team members across PM, Eng, UX, DS, QA, PMM and CX. Leading a team of TPMs to teach more effective approaches to technical problem solving and business strategy is a critical initiative of mine to allow us to construct mental models that can increase our function's impact at a broader scale across the company.


Program Manager, Search

July 2018 - December 2021

Evolving a product with over 4 billion daily users is no easy feat and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to improve the way the world searches. Behind the native Google Search widget lies the Google App available on all Android and iOS devices. During my time at Google, I led the delivery of client-facing features spanning framework optimizations, privacy & trust (e.g., Incognito Mode) and multitasking & resumption (e.g., Tabs) to make the Google App more helpful overall. I also led the Android Google App Release Team, increasing the frequency of binary pushes to the Play Store by shrinking our release cadence from 11 days (bi-weekly) to 5 days (weekly).

CBS Interactive

TPM/Scrum Master, Javascript Video Player

November 2017 - July 2018

Being in the golden age of streaming media, I decided to pivot away from aerospace and dive into an industry more aligned with my passions and personal interests: media & entertainment. As a TPM/Scrum Master, I partnered closely with Product (PO), Design and Engineering to optimize CBS.com's video player quality and functionality, a foundational element critical to delivering high quality content to our users. My day to day was comprised of breaking down our product vision into digestible, executable chunks of work while also optimizing eng velocity as I led the team through the various phases of the product development life cycle.

Additional Experience

Development Project Manager, New Product Introduction | Thales
2015 - 2017
Program Manager, Customer Programs | Thales
2013 - 2015
Program Controls Administrator | Thales
2012 - 2013
Estimator Analyst | BAE Systems
2011 - 2012
Restaurant Manager | Duke's Huntington Beach
2005 - 2009
Aircraft Maintenance Lead, B-52 / KC-135 | United States Air Force
2003 - 2007
Years in Program

"Louie is a rare breed of a human. From the start, he has led with value. I've invited him and had him as my star guest speaker for my Maven course, Pivoting to Program Management back to back. The goal? To have my students listen, learn and be inspired from an expert who has over a decade of program management experience across industries and top tier companies. I couldn't have asked for a better speaker, mentor and friend.

His advice comes from personal experience and personal success. Louie is a selfless leader who lifts everyone up. I get inspired and fired up every time I speak with him! And that is his superpower.

Whether you're interested in working with him directly for mentorship or career coaching, I recommend him 100%. He's the real deal!"

Jean, Senior Program Manager at Figma | Founder, Pivot to Program management

"My session with Louie was beyond great! The whole time I had the sense he was listening deeply, and really considering the best next steps. He was very encouraging and someone that I'd call a true mentor - he brought both his compassion and his expertise to this session. He's obviously an expert in his field with a lot of knowledge and lived experience. By the end of the session I had a lot more clarity on some key decisions, and I also knew my next steps. Thank you so much for your help Louie! 🙏🏻"

Sophia, startup CEO

"Louie is such a fantastic mentor, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, well-organized, patient, and kind mentor. After every meeting, he takes the time to summarize what we discussed and writes down action items for the next meeting. He guides me to the next step in my career, helps me with my resume, and prepares me for job interviews. He always has excellent suggestions on how to do better at interview questions, land more job interviews, and general feedback on how to ace a job interview. I'm always looking forward to my weekly meetings with Louie because whenever I'm curious to know whether I answered a specific question well during a job interview, I know he will take the time to listen and give feedback on how to become even better during the following job interview."

Celine, Senior Economist, Data Scientist, Consulting and Testifying Expert

"I recently had the privilege of working with Louie as my Technical Program Manager mentor. His entrepreneurial mindset meshed perfectly with mine, making him an invaluable resource. He was always available to help me come up with creative solutions to problems, and provided thoughtful feedback and guidance as I navigated my way through the ever-changing technical landscape. He had a knack for challenging my thinking while still remaining supportive and encouraging. I cannot recommend him enough as a mentor and friend. He is an absolute asset to any team."

Marlon, COO at Technolij

"When I was making a career transition into technology, I had some difficulties about which path to take and the skills I needed to get started. Louie has provided incredible insight into improving my resume, communicating, and even starting a mock project that I was able to implement in the military. His attention to detail and guidance improved not only my confidence, but instilled a strong foundation to excel in today’s workforce. Louie is a fantastic leader, teacher, and an affable person overall. Since our last meeting, I’ve been contacted by recruiters to interview with clients from Apple and a screening with Meta.

I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with him and strongly recommend any recruiter looking for high-performing professionals to consider Louie for their company."

Yuh-Boh, Project Manager at Project Management Institute

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your invaluable guidance and insights during our recent call. Your advice and expertise have been truly instrumental in shaping both my professional and personal development. This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with several potential mentors, but I must say that your professionalism and expertise really stood out to me."

Mike, Product Manager/MentorCruise mentee

"Mr. Pascua has volunteered more than once at virtual Professional Development workshops designed for adults training for I.T. careers through NPOWER California. His style of communication is impeccable. Trainees gravitated toward him as he had smooth command of the chat feature while tactfully providing empathy, patience and constructive feedback. His professionalism and progressive attitude are models of character, for all those seeking to better themselves. I highly recommend Louie for all environments that foster a Professional Mentoring model. It is good to see a Veteran Pay-It-Forward."

Deshon, Alumni Engagement Manager at NPower

"Louie was a program manager at Google when I met him. He has a passion for helping and mentoring others. Louie shared his experiences working with organizations of different sizes and answered questions related to the Google work environment. Through active listening, he would share his insights and open up for discussion. He will challenge you to think outside the box, provide the guidance you need in making decisions and moving forward, but regardless of the path you take, he will be there to support you."

Parsa, Software Development Manager at Amazon

"Louie is a brilliant program manager with experience and expertise that provided guidance in my role as a UX researcher. He has been mentoring me since 2021, guiding and providing insight into the product life cycle and design. What really impressed me about Louie was his ability to analyze the situation and easily provide insight for the challenges we spoke about. I highly recommend Louie if you want to take your career to the next level."

Joel, UX Researcher at Afrolabs

"Louie managed complex streaming-video initiatives at CBS and did an amazing job. He quickly adapted to CBS's environment and caught agile concepts quickly. Louie was able to efficiently manage multiple programs and created process improvements that increased team velocity. Louie is an amazing asset to have on any team."

Farid, TPM Director at CBS Interactive
Currently mentoring on

What did you go to school for?


Using accumulated credits earned through the Air Force and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University I received a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics during my time living on O'ahu. Professional Aeronautics can be thought of similarly to a business management degree rooted in aviation. So, instead of the typical business classes, we had Aviation Accounting, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Aircraft Accident Investigation, Airport Management and so on.


What drives you?


Wasting untapped potential has always been one of my biggest fears, which fuels my desire to learn something new every day. Deciding to arm oneself with knowledge, then using that knowledge to create something where there was once nothing is a simple concept that never fails to blow my mind. This is the essence of entrepreneurship which also serves as the driving force for my own entrepreneurial endeavors.


What are your hobbies?


In my downtime I love being in and around the ocean. It holds a special place in my heart as it has helped keep me grounded and humble through my life. Being that my wife and I first met on O'ahu, we share a mutual love for the ocean, surfing and Hawaiian culture and even named our first child Duke after the Hawaiian legend and Father of Surfing — Duke Kahanamoku.


What are some notable highlights from your career?


Taxiing nuclear-ready aircraft on the flight line in subzero temperatures taught me to move with a sense of urgency, perform with precision and act with integrity. Managing a beachside restaurant in the heart of Surf City, USA was where I was first introduced to the idea of entrepreneurship and further developed my grit. Bringing Navy servicemen home from Afghanistan and refueling their aircraft at 30,000 feet was when I realized what sacrifice and resilience truly meant. Being the IFE subject matter expert on fly alongs for global airline partners was where I learned true autonomy and leadership. Building 2 small businesses while working full-time forever instilled a sense of diligence and gumption within me. Evolving the way that billions of users search while at Google fortified my technical proficiency and embedded efficiency into every part of my daily workflow. Leading TPMs at Dropbox has proven how impactful I can be by simply listening with empathy and providing mentorship through inspirational motivation.

As unorthodox as my career has been I'm grateful to have been able to see life from so many angles. No matter how large or small, I consider each of my past jobs sacred as they've imparted me wisdom through firsthand experiences that I continue to carry with me today.


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